Trapped in My Own Freedom

Since leaving the nest, I have been basking in freedom. I don’t have to clean, do dishes or do laundry.  And, now I feel trapped in mess and stuff.

There was a point within the last 6 months that I was on top of things. My apartment was clean and cozy. Why did  I stop being on top of things? Because I got sick of it. It took up all my time, and I had no free time. Oh, and don’t ask my fiance to help out. Because it will take him 3 days to do his turn of the dishes. I got sick of coming home and seeing him lie in bed relaxing without a care in the world. I was jealous. So, I stopped and had my own freetime.

Now, things are out of control. We constantly have dishes and I’ve been trying to get everything in order. My fiancé is now pulling his weight and I feel like we’re making progress. But, I dread walking into my apartment. I can’t walk and I don’t have a nice space to work.

Freedom is awesome, but you have to be careful with it. Don’t abuse it, or you will become trapped.

I hope to get the chaos to dissapear this month, and make a plan to keep it away.

I want my cute and cozy apartment again.

How is freedom trapping you? Or, do you have it all under control?

I write about minimalism, living eco-friendly and eating plant-based. I am also the author of Simply Minimal, and I create businesses with code.