Reducing My Wardrobe

Out of all the types of things I have (books, paper, magazines, purses, ect.), clothing has the most items in it. I have so many clothes, and I only wear a small percentage of them! Mainly because they are unorganized, and I don’t want to go through them to find an outfit. Another reason is because I have no idea what I have. As I’m going through them, I’m finding things that I completely forgot about. So, I’m reducing my wardrobe. Why do I have clothes that I don’t wear and I don’t know about?

While reading about minimalism, I always go to the section where the author describes their closets/wardrobes. It’s interesting to see how they organize and reduce their loads. While reading, I decided that I wanted to reduce my load — drastically. (tweet this) I made a list all the things I wanted and needed to keep. After finding an item in the list, the rest of the liked items would be discarded. So, if I already have a belt, all other belts will not make it back in my wardrobe.

Here is my list of the wardrobe I envision:

2 Blouses
14 Shirts
2 Sweatpants (this will hurt the most because sweatpants are my life)
1 Hoodie
1 Coat
2 Jackets (light, heavy)
1 Blazer (for unprofessional uses)
3 Jeans (skinny, black and blue)
1 Capris
4 Pants
3 Shorts
2 Booty shorts
2 Summer dresses
2 Flowy skirts
2 Regular skirts
3 Undershirts
20 Pairs of socks
20 Panties/underwear
3 Bras
5 PJ pants
5 PJ shorts
10 PJ shirts
2 Nightgowns

This doesn’t factor in professional/business clothing or workout clothing.

Eventually when I fill this list, I will reduce it even more. Today, I am going through my clothes and finding the items on this list. I’m only keeping things that I like, things that look great and things that fit great.

What does your ideal wardrobe look like? Is there anything I missed?

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