Not Starving

I’ve been a little down lately and most of it has to do with my weight. I don’t dislike my body, and I don’t think negatively towards it. I am more upset that I had a goal to lose weight (to be healthier), and I almost reached my goal weight before ballooning back up to 23 pounds heavier than my highest weight.

I have been overweight/obese all my life and in June 2014, I started a weight loss group with my best friend and my sister. I had an internship at the time, and three days a week, I would walk the four miles home. Then, two days a week, I would get up early with the girls to play Zombies Run! together. It was fun and exciting. I lost 10 pounds the first month.

Then I moved out and lost until I reached 161 pounds. I felt so good in my skin. My clothes fit perfectly on me. I was never out of breath. I was healthy. I was fit. I was starving.

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Redesigning My Life

It’s funny. My last blog post was entitled, “The Hiatus is Over” as if I was getting back into blogging regularly. But, that was last October, and here we are. Last year, I put out a whole bunch of posts and videos, and I was on a roll. I wanted to turn this blog into a business. I wanted consistency. I had a content plan and an editorial calendar. I mapped out the whole year with what blog posts to write, what videos to make and when to post them. The whole year was planned. I’m not kidding.

When it came to actually doing the plan, though, it was hard. I remember making 16 videos in one day. I was writing when I wasn’t inspired. And, that’s not what I want this blog to be about.

I don’t want to write just to push out content. I want to write to get my feelings out. I want to write to make a difference. I want to write when I feel inspired. I don’t want a schedule. I want to write according to my heart.

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Hiatus Is Over

I started this blog to document my journey into minimalism. I stopped writing for a few months because I was under stressed, and honestly felt unmotivated. I didn’t know where this blog was headed.

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Why I Love The Library

I admit that I have a collection. As a minimalist, that is frowned upon, but I don’t care! This collection is really near and dear to me. It represents all the places I have lived. An interesting fact about me is that I am 21 years old, and I have had 16 different addresses. Needless to say, my family moves around a lot. New places, neighbors, scenery and schools were a given. But, libraries were always a constant. They were always there.

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TiBaN Two Years Later

My best friend and I have always been obsessed with blogs. We were always starting a new one for some project we wanted to do or to keep up with a log on our lives. Since we always started a blog without ever keeping it up or finishing the project, I was a little hesitant on rather I actually wanted to document my minimalism journey or if I just simply wanted to get rid of clutter and be done with it; to simply live without telling the internet

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