This woman might just be crazier than me…

July 20, 2010

Hey everyone,

Yep, it’s me again. Resurrecting myself momentarily from the blogging graveyard, as I have some news for you — no, mom, I’m not pregnant. And no, I’m not starting another blog devoted to my eco-friendly wedding (although it’s coming together nicely, for those who may be wondering… we’ve got about 200 beeswax candles, have splurged on sustainably harvested fish and grass-fed, locally raised meat, sent out old vintage postcards as the invites and have antique mason jars for the centerpiece bouquets, to name a few things).

But what I really wanted to let everyone know about was this OTHER blog called Eco Mama. Now, before you groan and say, “Aren’t there enough green-mommy bloggers out there already?”, know this: Jennifer (the woman behind it) was inspired by Green as a Thistle and my book Sleeping Naked is Green and is now undertaking her own challenge to make an eco-friendly change to her life every day.

I can already hear your second groan: “Aren’t there enough bloggers out there copying your silly green-change-every-day gimmick?”

Perhaps. But what I especially like about Eco Mama is that: a) She gives me some credit in her inaugural post (thanks, Jen!); and b) The woman has three kids under the age of 8 and already practices many of the changes I made to my lifestyle, meaning that she not only has to put her husband and children through the green ringer but also has to come up with changes even I didn’t think of… AND, she’s doing a full 366 of them, despite the fact that it’s not even a leap year. Now that’s commitment (and also mild insanity).

Anyway, I wish her the best of luck and hope all of you lovely readers and fellow bloggers take her under your wing — the online green community is what kept me going during my challenge and I’m sure she’ll need just as much support. Check out Eco Mama here!

Yours greenly,


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