Not a mag lady anymore (Day 268)…

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I couldn’t help but notice in the comments section the other day, after I mentioned how the rubber band from my rolled-up newspaper might work as an emergency ponytail holder, a reader was in shock — SHOCK! — that I still got a “newsPAPER” every day.

Well, what can I say? I work at the National Post, the management gives me a complimentary subscription, and the online version kind of sucks (but is currently being relaunched, so who knows, maybe I’ll convert); plus, I truly love the tangible quality of flipping through a broadsheet every morning and getting ink on my fingers.

However, I do think that I’m receiving a few too many magazines at the moment. While I’ve already committed to not buying any junky tabloids and GreenDimes has cut back on my Victoria’s Secret catalogues, I’m still getting stuff like Fashion, Time and the Condé Nast Traveller.

These really aren’t essential. I do still want my deliveries of Plenty, E/The Environmental Magazine and Toronto Life, but that’ll do me just fine.

The problem is, once you’ve paid for a subscription, it seems silly to cancel it outright. So what I’m going to do is take the ones I get and donate them to a doctor’s office (I’m thinking my doctor’s office could definitely use a few mags that aren’t four-year-old copies of Macleans). Then, when the time comes to renew the subscription, I won’t.

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8 Responses to Not a mag lady anymore (Day 268)…

  1. Fanny says:

    Hello! I enjoy reading your blog–first-time commenter. I have been intrigued by Amazon’s Kindle device, and how it may help to alleviate the newspaper issue. It’s quite pricey, but seems handy, and think of the trees saved over the lifetime of the device! The green community doesn’t appear to have weighed in on this yet. Thoughts??

  2. Leah says:

    Vanessa, I really like reading your blog, it’s inspiring really. 🙂
    I know getting magazines is wasteful but if you are to check out any, Ode magazine is fabulous. They say that they cater to “Intelligent Optimists”. The articles deal with environmental and social issues with a positive take (their articles show what good is going on in the world).
    I agree that sharing magazines is a great idea. Sharing ideas is a great way of getting green messages across to others.

  3. Sanjiv says:

    GreenDimes here,

    Hey thanks for great testimonial. Newpapers have content, therefore, by defintion, isn’t junk. Great idea to share.

  4. msorganiclady says:

    Except for a few between my husband and I (Plenty, Mother Earth News, Herb Companion, and Herbs for Health ), we won’t be renewing any more subscriptions either. I wrote a post awhile back regarding Co-op Americas Green Magazine Heroes list and Rolling Stone magazine. Below, I’ve added the link to Co-op Americas Green Heroes list;

    Don’t forget those freebies at the health food stores, Delicious Living and Better Nutrition are filled with yummy recipes, nutritional information, and the occasional green article. The bonus here is you can take them or leave them. If taken, passing them around when you’re finished is the best thing, especially your doctor’s office!

    Great post!

  5. Your SHOCKED reader here. Although, I think it was more of a lower case shock, and actually even a surprised shock that you hadn’t chosen that as a green change many days ago because it seems like an easy change. But I guess that is where each of these changes carries with it a different difficulty level for each person trying to make the change. I feel truly overwhelmed in our current age of media consumption, so cutting out all personal purchases (even the eco-ones: Yes!, Plenty, etc.) of print media has come as a relief to my life. In lieu of actually purchasing these magazines or newspapers, I have plenty of opportunity to read them online, while in line at the coop, or as leftovers in coffee shops or doctor’s offices. Look around, there are soooo many leftovers out there, that you really won’t miss the subscriptions. But, I applaud you for the baby steps – some subscriptions today, all mags and news tomorrow 🙂

  6. Julia says:

    You can also get your magazine fix from your library! That’s how I read Gourmet, Food & Wine, etc

  7. Sara says:

    I don’t know if you’d consider this green, cheap, or both but whenever I feel the need to read magazines I don’t subscribe to I head over to Barnes & Nobles, buy some coffee and read those magazines to my hearts desire.

  8. Ugh, at least your newspaper comes with a rubber band. Ours comes in a plastic bag. EVERY day. I have found a way to donate them to a group of Somali women who make the bags into crafts that they sell, however. But what a waste!!

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