Minimalism Let Me Read 50 Books In 2015


I’ve was extremely busy in 2015. I was working full-time while trying to start a business, I was traveling a lot, I was (and still am) planning a wedding and I was trying to get my life in order by giving myself a challenge to minimize my belongings more than I already did. It seems as if my time had been tied, and I didn’t have enough of it, but I still managed to give into my favorite hobby — reading.

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One Year Of Being a Minimalist

Around this time last year, I discovered minimalism. I had just gotten rid of almost 30% of my belongings because of a move and I wanted to get rid of more and declutter more. I was somewhat tired of lugging around everything every time I moved (I have had 16 addresses and I’m only 20) and I was somewhat embarrassed because my fiance was now living with me. I didn’t want him to know I was a hoarder.

In the mix of the confusion of two moves (my fiance and I later moved into our own apartment) and throwing my whole life in material possessions away, I have lost a few precious, irreplaceable items. But, other than that, I have not looked back. Today, I am still minimizing my life and I am currently in a challenge to get rid of yet more stuff because I feel like I still have too much. I use to be roommates with clutter and messes, but now I can’t stand it.

I love the freedom being a minimalist has given me so far. I don’t have to waste time on stuff. This past year has given me a lot of outdoor time that I have grown to love. I feel happier and less stressed out.

Although I am still a newbie in this lifestyle, I have no doubt that this is the life for me.

A Minimalist Challenge

I want to give myself a minimalist challenge for the new year. Although I have downsized extraordinarily, I still don’t feel like I am at a good minimalistic place. I still feel cluttered. So, let’s solve this. My challenge is to declutter/ minimalize/go through something like a drawer, box, bag every month and blog/make a video about it.

Every month? Why not every week or every day? Well, I live in a tiny apartment and as I said, I have already downsized EXTRAORDINARILY. I feel 12 spots that get uncluttered will be just enough. Besides, I don’t want to overwhelm myself and 52 and 365 are BIG numbers. I don’t think I have that many drawers and bags.

Look forward to updates on the first Saturday of every month!

Do you think this is a good challenge? What do you think?


This was the start of my 2015 minimalist challenge series. I have changed the rules to be every two weeks. Here is a list of posts that I have made:

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