A Backpack Full of Socks: How an Emergency Left Me Stranded with Poor Packing

I’ve been having a sock problem. I’m low. I can’t seem to find them when needed and I seriously think I only have 3 pairs in rotation at this point. I’ve been saying several times over the last few months that I need to buy more. The money spent will relieve my insanity!

So, when I got the phone call, the only thing that ran through my mind was socks. I need socks. I won’t make it without socks. So I threw handfuls of my husband’s socks into my book bag. I stuffed them in. I didn’t think of any other essentials besides deodorant, toothbrush, brush and some shirts.

And that’s how I ended up stranded in Tennessee with one pair of pants, one pajama pants, 7 shirts, pajama shorts and a million socks. The second day down here, I bought flip-flops.

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My Tips On Socks


This is may seem like a boring topic, but it’s one that we may not think about while decluttering. Socks cause such a hassle. They’re always getting lost, you spend more time on laundry because you have to match the pairs and you never know how to fold them correctly. In the video below, I show what I do with my socks.

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