2015 Minimalist Challenge: Going Back Through

Going back through areas that you have already gone through is great practice when you are becoming a minimalist. There are many items that need a second decision on because you like them or you “may need them.” I went back through my bookcase, file crib, and dishes and got rid of a few more things.

//This post is part of a series that I did in 2015. I challenged myself to declutter a different spot in my living space every two weeks and document it with a video. You can see the rest of the posts by clicking this link.// 

Becoming a Minimalist

I have always liked the idea of being simple and not over exaggerated. I’m a web developer, and seeing simple, beautiful, minimalistic website designs makes my heart soar. And, although I tried to implement these ideas into my own designs, my teachers didn’t understand and didn’t like it. “It’s so plain.” “You can do more.” “You can do better.” They just didn’t get my style.
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