A Minimalist Challenge

I want to give myself a minimalist challenge for the new year. Although I have downsized extraordinarily, I still don’t feel like I am at a good minimalistic place. I still feel cluttered. So, let’s solve this. My challenge is to declutter/ minimalize/go through something like a drawer, box, bag every month and blog/make a video about it.

Every month? Why not every week or every day? Well, I live in a tiny apartment and as I said, I have already downsized EXTRAORDINARILY. I feel 12 spots that get uncluttered will be just enough. Besides, I don’t want to overwhelm myself and 52 and 365 are BIG numbers. I don’t think I have that many drawers and bags.

Look forward to updates on the first Saturday of every month!

Do you think this is a good challenge? What do you think?


This was the start of my 2015 minimalist challenge series. I have changed the rules to be every two weeks. Here is a list of posts that I have made:

1. The Bookshelf
2. File Cabinet
3. Dishes
4. Fiance’s Clothes
5. My Clothes
6. Linen
7. Portfolio Bag
8. Shoes
9. Chest
10. 50 Challenge
11. Going Back Through
12. Bathroom Cabinet
13. Going Back Through, pt. 2
14. Big Box of Goodies
15. Desk
16. A Box
17. File Cabinet pt. 2
18. My Clothes pt. 2
19. Pictures
21. Final

Lazy Veggie Soup

Despite eating 20 oranges yesterday to ward off my fiance’s cold, today I woke up a little congested which grew to being a lot congested by the end of the day. We went food shopping, and on the way home I suddenly remembered, “Hey! Maybe we should have gotten some soup since we’re both sneezing and coughing up lungs.”

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