Pineapple Orange Juice


This is one of my favorite treats in the world! And, it’s good for you! I was always in love with fruits and vegetables. But, I hated smoothies. I didn’t understand why people took good ingredients and added horrible ones. Who wants to mix milk and fruit? Or drink peanut butter?!? Everyone, apparently.

There was some frozen pineapples in the freezer one day and a bag of oranges and in the video below I’ll show you how to make pineapple orange juice: a quick and simple smoothie.

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All My Debt And My Plan To Demolish It


I’ll throw a quick number at you $32,786.5. Seems like a lot of cash because it it a lot of cash. It’s the amount of cash I owe to institutions. It’s a really big number for someone who has just turned 21. Let me give you a run down of everything that has happened since 2012, when I was 17, to give you a better picture.

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200 Things to Give Away


I found a few lists on the internet that showed how many things you really don’t need (unless you really do need it) and should be able to give away without any issues. One of the lists listed 200 things, so I took a challenge of going through and seeing if I had anything on the list I could get rid off. In the video below, I show you what I got rid of.

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My Tip: Donation Boxes


Finding motivation to get rid of more stuff can be a struggle. It is also a struggle, when you randomly find an object you would like to part with, but have no place to store it. And, you don’t want to go to the donation drop-off until you have a large enough pile. So, that’s where the donation box comes in. In the video below, I share my tip on using donation boxes as a tool to rid the clutter.

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