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Got any green story ideas? Want me to speak at your next conference? Trying to find a copy of Sleeping Naked is Green? Love my blog and want to tell me how much you love my blog? Hate my blog and want to email me streams of vitriol? You can do it all right here! My email address is

I also write a column at the National Post called Sense & Sustainability, which you can find on the Footprint page. And I’ve been interviewed on CBC Radio and Sirius radio’s The Lazy Environmentalist and featured in magazines such as Body+Soul and Intelligent Life. So basically: I love to hear myself talk. Kidding! Sort of.

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  1. Angie says:

    Hi! I’m halfway through “Sleeping Naked Is Green” and I absolutely love it!!! I’ve already made my homepage, and told everyone I know about the book. I also work at a bookstore, and have been recommending it to everyone who shows the least bit interest in environmentalism, memoirs, or being naked. Thank you for showing the world that you don’t need to eschew the rest of the world and smell like patchouli to help save the earth. Your book rocks!

  2. crystal bona says:

    hey vanessa, thought I would support a fellow journalite and pick up your book. I’m so excited for you, and the book is giving me lots of ideas so far. looking forward to what comes in your future! congratulations!

  3. Jenny says:

    Hi, I already made a reply to something earlier today and didn’t realize I could “speak” right to you. Anyways, hope someone finds my comments interesting.

  4. Theresa says:

    Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it :) Have you considered going into depth about greening the clothing industry? I really just got into it myself this year when I found this store ( anyways, that’s not the point, the point is that the crops we use for our clothes are so full of pesticides (1/3lb. for every ONE cotton t-shirt!), the treatment of workers is inexcusable, and the wasting of our resources is out of control! Anyway, that might be fun to write about :)

  5. Hello Vanessa – quick note to congratulate and thank you on the awesome launch of ‘sleeping naked is green’ last night. I am SO glad I got there early to have 5 minutes of your time and share my environmental sheep grazing and worm farm efforts. Do please call when you have a moment as I would like to chat about promoting you and your book on the upcoming re-launched site

  6. April B. says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    I just wanted to say I heard you on CBC radio (Calgary) yesterday and as a result was inspired to buy your book Sleeping Naked is Green. I began reading it last night and really am enjoying it. The book is packed with so many fabulous ideas that I am so excited to try! I’m going to try that corn cat litter for my cats(I went out and bought it today), one of which also has some “issues” and I’m really hoping he will like it(and use it!). I’ve already decided I am going to go through your list and try to implement as many of your ideas as I can into our lifestyle. The way you approached the whole issue of becoming more eco-friendly really appeals to me, and it motivates me to try and make some of my own changes(without quite so much fear as I had before starting your book).

    Thank you for a wonderful and well written book.

  7. [...] just thankful that the Post also has saner, more informed writers like Vanessa Farquharson. Vanessa writes regularly both on her blog and in her Sense and Sustainability column on all issues [...]

  8. Lauren says:

    I watched Vanessa’s video giving us a tour of her house and she showed the plastic dryer balls that she uses. I almost went out and got myself a pair when I did some research and according to
    these balls have PVC’s in them and are made of the most toxic plastic out there not to mention made in China and they don’t have the greatest track record with lead safety. So, I stumbled upon dryer balls made of wool. Would anyone happen to know where I can buy these in Toronto? Otherwise, I guess I’ll have to break down and order them from an American site.
    Here is the treehugger article I referred to:

  9. RemyC says:

    Decemeber? you have an extra e in december… you should also do one about nuclear power!

  10. Emily says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    So technically your book has not come out yet, but as a sales representative for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, I got a copy early and am just finishing it. When I first got it (cause we get a copy of every book per season) I was set on hating it cause I was getting sick of the green movement. But after reading it (and I’m gobbling it right up!), I found myself doing little things to be more green. Thank you for writing it – it’s wonderful! Though I’m not going completely green, I’m really excited about doing things to help make my carbon footprint smaller! Good luck to you, and I have a feeling this book is going to sell!!

  11. Allye says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    I’ve just read your book, bought four more copies and gave them out as gifts. I absolutely loved it. Just wanted to let you know that although green changes are difficult whilst living in the country side and not having many options to “go green” I suddenly feel guilty unwrapping a straw and tossing the paper wrapper, purchasing anything with plastic packaging, or… wiping with toilet paper. Just hope you realize that while your readers won’t always be able to make the same changes, you’ve still made an incredible impact on some people’s conscious. Thanks for being true to yourself and the environment!


  12. Louise Continelli says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    This is The Buffalo News staff writer who left a message at your office. Any ideas on a pic you could send? Where was your thistle photo taken?

    Again, well done!

    Louise Continelli

  13. Eric Snyder says:

    Heard you on CBC radio this afternoon! I’ve “tweeted” your blog on twitter…


  14. Alison says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    I saw you on BT Television yesterday. Just wondering where you got your butter bell? I thought it was a neat idea and would like to get one.


  15. avalpone says:

    I love your blog….I enjoy reading it and you are a wonderful writer…

    The Healthy Apple

  16. Sue S says:

    Great book Vanessa!

    I throughly enjoyed it and made my own list of things to do during reading it and after ….stop buying plastic straws, try and buy local wine and food, turn off TV when not in room etc – little things I know but can all try and help!

    Your book was very inspiring and very funny and hope the sales are very successful for you!

    I already do some green things (some by default – no car, no central AC, no dishwasher, no kids ) but your book just opened my eyes more and I have been telling freinds about it but not wanting to share my copy!

    You need to write more books!


  17. Wendy says:

    I read your book (from the library) and loved it. It gave me a lot of giggles and many tips on being green. I have suggested it to many people that think that they can’t do anything to be green. Every little bit counts. Good job!

  18. Dr. Dan says:

    Hi Vanessa…just finished your book and enjoyed it very much…passed it on to the rest of my staff.My cousin was in and I suggested it to her(natural girl)
    Best of luck …see you soon…Dr. Dan

  19. Mike Harris Switzerland says:

    Hey Vanessa.
    Well, I have just bought your book,read it and now intend to give it to a second hand store in the name of recycling.(hope that’s ok with you!!)
    It was great, absolutely great.
    Congratulations on it.

    I read it on a flight from Geneva to U.K. and was laughing out loud constantly. (by the way, I DID off set my carbon footprint for the flight) The old lady sat next to me must have thought I was insane as I had tear pouring down my face during the whole “sister putting the electric kettle on the hot plate/cat getting covered in pee/mum falling down stairs” bit, I am giggling a bit now at work just by typing this.
    I am making an effor to be more green, I don’t think I can commit to all of your efforts, but I do now have the pshyche that every small change i make is a good change. For instance, during the first week after reading it I have already given up using “post-it” notes (massive jolt for me!) and have taken to picking paper out of the waste paper bin and putting it back in the printer at work upside down to re use it. (I think people in the office i work are hating that by the way as all their mistakes are public property again! HA HA)
    Anyway, I ramble, I just wanted to say, brilliant, congratulations and keep it up.

  20. Perhaps I should have posted here. Well, color me eager, I guess.

  21. stephen ottridge says:

    I’m as green as can be as you know, I recycle, I pick up scrap metal from the street and keep it until I am going by the city recycling yard. I use transit a lot too, however for the past year I am now intensely against AGW. Why because it is the greatest hoax perpetrated in my lifetime. Al Gore and David Suziki are revered as priests in a new religion.
    What changed me? The lack of sunspots and the fact that the earth is now cooling.

  22. turtle says:

    hey there, about half way through your book and very much enjoying it. I grew up on a small farm in VT then moved to a small back asswards town in NH after the folks divorced, so we grew up green out of necessity, lol, not dirt poor but dang close! (i have fond memories, really!) My mom says it started with my conception at woodstock, then being born on the first earth day that did it. But no, I have been lucky to grow and travel and become “cultured” and stay green by choice. Congrats to you for the changes you made and have stuck with. Also for nudging without pressure others to be more conscious of changes that folks can make without changing their lifestyles too much. Sorry, i have babbled, happily reading along!!

  23. Kelly says:

    K… if it had a fist it would hit me, right? haha

  24. Wendy in Mid-Missouri says:

    I just finished your delightful book & hope you dont mind, but i posted this on my facebook page:

    just finished an excellent book & I am keeping this one, so get your own, either locally or thru amazon: ‘SLEEPING NAKED IS GREEN’ by vanessa farquharson. “how an eco-cynic unplugged her fridge, sold her car, and found love in 366 days.” gives 366 tips to green your lifestyle. she came up with one per day & tried them all for a [leap] year. change makes a difference. some I already do, some I will try, & some-NO WAY!

    now I should go back & post a link leading folks here, right? thank you for making me laugh, care some more & learn new ways to live green. my hubby & I are growing green together. best wishes for your success.

  25. Martin K says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    I am about to start reading Day 177 in your book. Love your writing style, which reminds me of Anthony Bourdain (although you’re thousands of times more attractive than him). Funny, witty and hard to put down. A lot of the issues you talk about in your book are also issues I’ve thought about, like organics from far away versus locally grown non-organics. And your ideas for being greener are pretty good, too. Have you considered furoshiki for you old bed sheets instead of booger rags? Anyway,I hope you will write more books. Maybe you and Meghan can collaborate on something? Or perhaps a television show like Bourdain’s “A Cook’s Tour”? Like, “An Eco-Journalist’s Carbon Offset Tour”?

    I’m encouraging the company that I work for to get involved with environmental and charitible causes. It’s quite easy since we all share most of the same views. We recently purchased cupcoats with our logo on it from, a company based in Mississauga. People would use it instead of those cardboard sleeves for their coffee. Small step, but it’s a start. In time we hope to have more items. We’re still a small company. I have also sent a request to the city of Mississauga to adopt a street in their LitterNot program. My other ideas are to partner with a national retailer in a food drive and a fundraiser for SickKids (to be audited by a major international accounting firm). With a total of 5 employees, we hope to make a big impact for our environment and people in need.
    Love your blog! Keep up the great work! Oh, and tell Sense of Balance “Don’t be a hater! Be a congratulator!” And throw in a fuddle duddle for good measure.

    Best regards from a fan,


    P.S. Check out Google Apps for hosting your email. Instead of you can setup something like It’s free, or go to the premium version for US$50/year.


  26. MtlGirl says:

    hi vanessa! i am really enjoying your blog and your book. i find myself very inspired to make better choices in my life. i was wondering if you could make a post about YOUR inspiration- your favorite “green” books/movies, etc.

  27. Justine says:

    I’m almost done reading your book – and I am just LOVING it! I just wanted to let you know, and thank you for all your hard work and for sharing it with the world.

    My grandmother also read it recently and enjoyed it very much. We had a few laughs talking about some of the aspects (like the no toilet paper rule and homemade compost box) and she mentioned some of the things to me curiously that she had never heard of, which I was happy to say I already have experience with and could personally attest to (like quinoa, laser hair removal and the incredibly fabulous Diva cup!). I’m 27, single and living in an apartment in a city so I found that a lot of your lifestyle changes are things I could try doing as well.

    I am finding it so inspiring, and also very entertaining. You have some wonderful ideas in it and I’m trying many of them, and working on trying to carry the message on to others… and recommending your book.

  28. marco says:


    last weekend i was waiting at the ottawa airport for somebody.

    then i went to see that little store in the airport to see if they had something good to read..saw your book there and baught it.


    i just sit down ..and have read like half off your book right there waiting at the airport.

    what a great book.

    keep the great work your doing for all off us.

    a big thanks.


  29. Artis says:

    ha ha i found you.
    I m so stupid, didnt check the link, witch goes to your blog ^_____^

    you can’t run from me now, we will chat :D

  30. Stacy says:

    I just finished your book and I love, love, love it!
    I’m now reading your blog…enjoying every word. You are amazing…thanks for sharing your experience!!

  31. Looking forward to interviewing you tonight. will be posting about it on blog in advance today and sharing liberally w/ all the social media peeps . . . hey, let’s put each other’s blog on our blog rolls.

    love the blog, can’t wait to read the book!
    gd meg

  32. Laura in TO says:

    Just finished reading your book this weekend, and loved it! My friends can attest, as I insisted on reading many parts of the book out loud at the cottage (to be fair, they kept asking why I was laughing). I cannot get the idea of ‘wine in a cheese-glass’ out of my head. Brilliant! I no longer feel quite so foolish or alone with my own little green efforts. Thanks!

  33. Lil' Green says:

    I’m as green as a thistle – or so I thought until I read your book. Anal about turning off lights and unplugging appliances, rescuing paper from a co-workers trash and reusing my water glass days at a time, I thought I was the quintessential environmentalist. But I was wrong – so wrong! I had no idea of the lengths one could go to, to greenify themselves and after reading about compost toilets and Ontario wine, it occurred to me just how many sacrifices I had yet to make. Since reading your book however, I’ve made a few more strides. I’ve foregone elevators and replaced la tampon with la diva cup. Even though I can’t shower in the dark, (at least not without the potential of slipping and killing myself), I’m discovering all of the other things I can do by natural light. And, coincidentally I was introduced to Green as a Thistle at a rather fortuitous time. Last week my husband and I finalized plans for our very first house and whilst making our many interior choices, I was reading your book. Although it almost ended our less than two year marriage, I was able to finagle my way into organic carpets, duel flush toilets and energy efficient windows. Oh yes, and then there is my switch to everything organic, even if it means eating pesticide-free grapes shipped 14 000km from New Zealand. An otherwise difficult dilemma, the decision between eating local or chemical free was made easy by my green job. That’s right; I have a green job. Well sort of. I’m in advocacy and my current mission is to see a cosmetic pesticide ban implemented in Calgary, the largest city in Canada without such legislation. So even though I still use a fridge and a car and gasp, disposable antibacterial wipes for toilet cleaning purposes only, I have this kindred feeling towards your mission. So thank you for sharing your story and thank you for letting me share a bit of mine!

  34. Threase says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    I am currenty reading your book – love it!!! Actually, I am doing most of the things you discuss (but I am only through September). I want to pass along a green tip for the ladies – The Diva Cup (aka menstrual cup)! You can find it at They don’t pay me to promote the product – I use the product and it is GREAT! The cup takes some getting use to but I have not purchased or used any other “personal” items (if you know what I mean) in over 5 months! I say that is pretty darn green or should I say PINK!

    Thank you for the GREAT ideas and sharing your experience with us.


  35. Kristen H says:

    Hello Vanessa,

    I saw you on Breakfast Television and knew right away that I had to read your book. Since money is tight, I waited oh so patiently for it through the Library here in London Ontario, finally I got it the other day. I read it in one day, I was laughing out loud and making notes on ways I can green up my life here. Also I am going to try to get some natural cat litter as I have a cat much like yours…if it works I will be more than happy to put away my carpet cleaner!

    I woke up this morning and read your blog right away. The toxins issue concerns me greatly. After moving to Southwestern Ontario I developed asthma, something I never had to deal with while I lived in Winnipeg or Northwestern Ontario, and I also became sensitive to certain odors/cleaners. I made the switch to green cleaners awhile ago and I have noticed a difference. Now that my husband and I are trying to get pregnant I am more aware of what goes in or even on my body. And since we are having issues conceiving I cannot stop but wonder if there was some toxin or other that maybe effected one of us in some way. I am fairly young (29 I know its young, but childbearing wise its fairly young!), healthy, lost 30lbs so far and all my GP says is I should get pregnant no problem…well we see a specialist next month.

    When I do become a mother I know that I will not allow plastic toys, the off gas is horrible, and of course cloth diapers all the way, but any change that I can make to make the world better for my future child I will make it.

    You must be tired of hearing this but you are a wonderful writer, but who could be tired of hearing that? You have inspired me to make small and big changes as much as I can, and I am recommending your book to everyone I know. Sorry for rambling on so much, best of luck to you in all your endeavors.


  36. Maria says:

    I discovered you a long time ago…followed sporadically…then read the book. I laughed, I cried..I was inspired..I bought an organic apple and read some more…

    I’m buying the book for my BFF. We both believe in healthy irony, dilettantism and being kind to the earth…to a point. Because, I mean, hello? sometimes you just need a burger. Your humor was just the ticket, your story inspiring. Thanks!

  37. I am immersed in Sleeping Naked is Green’ right now and cannot put it down. I have made it to the parts where you have unplugged your fridge and sold your car, and now I don’t want to go any further. Why? Because next you’ll find love.

    All along I have been thinking to myself, wow, this girl is dedicated, funny and knows how to live with the earth, opposed to simply on’ the earth, as many do. And that, my friend, is what I am hoping to one day find in a lady.

    But, alas, every story has a happy ending and I will soon discover that your fairy tale is complete. Isn’t life magical?

    I work for an environmental non-profit and you have inspired me in oh so many ways. The environmental snowball in Toronto is growing by the day, and much of that can be credited to people like you.

    Keep doing what you do, I will keep reading.

    “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” — Dr. Seuss


  38. Brie says:

    Hi Vanessa!
    I read your book a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it! I have been going through the same kind of green transformation over the past year and a half and you gave me some great new ideas. My greening even involved a move to Portland, OR, and just have to ask, when you were here did you happen to put one of the “These come from trees” stickers in the Bridgeport Brewery on Hawthorne? Not that you would necessarily remember. Anyway, I just ordered a bunch of stickers and I look forward to the upcoming green graffiti! Thanks for all you do!

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  40. Star says:

    What an awesome book! I saw it at the library and it caught my eye…little did I know I would lock myself in my room and read the whole thing in one sitting! Very funny, informative, and inspiring! It is perfect for those who want to tweak their lives toward the “green movement”, but who want to remain sane in doing so. Congrats!

  41. Joan says:

    I was bookless in Seattle, well, actually, bookless in the Calgary airport, on my way home to Tucson from visiting my kids in sunny Saskatoon, and I came across your book. The title intrigued me and so I picked it up. I got many a strange look as I laughed my way through my layovers and flight. I loved your book! I’m planning on passing it on to my kids and planning on trying to implement some changes to my lifestyle as well. I was a stay at home, dairy farming, home-schooling mother of six, who raised all her own food (from beef, to pork, to fruits and vegetables and everything in between) so a lot of what you suggest was a part of our life. Now however, I live in the city of Tucson where my lifestyle is somewhat different. I still have a garden (but buy lots of my food, sad to say mostly at Fry’s), still have chickens (9 egg layers who provide me with bartering material as well as fresh omelettes), don’t have a car (riding bike in a climate that rarely goes below ten degrees celcius just makes too much sense), hang out my laundry (which dries in minutes instead of hours), go to the library (when I’m not in airports), bring leftovers from meals out home to eat, or feed to my chickens (I’d get sick of the same organic feed crumble day after day too!), and wash out the sandwich bags that my clients bring their sandwiches in, and reuse them (much to the horror of germaphobic friends and other care-givers). I’ve done hundred days of health that have incorporated economics, spirituality, nutrition, physical excercise, intellectual pursuits and plan on adding environmental sustainability to my next round. I’ve been trying to develop good habits all around. Once again, your book was inspirational without being preachy, and so much fun. Thanks!!

  42. Ting Bu-Dong says:

    i’m glad that you–along with the rest of the so-called green economy–are doing so well by marketing “sustainability.” you would do well to read some of the critiques of this kind of thinking — one that does not really come to terms with our social-ecological relations. Try Redclift, Michael. 1987. Sustainable Development: Exploring the Contradictions. London: Methuen. Or even the article in the New Yorker. No one’s asking you to not buy a house or go to your eco-spas — but promoting Friedman?! This truly reflects a lack of self-awareness.

  43. Aleida says:

    Just finished your book- quite hilarious! Thank you for your honest insights on the journey to greendom. Truthfully, it was just what I needed. A few years ago I was on the green bandwagon, but kinda fell off. I was so tired of green being marketed to me (through consumerism, of course) that I kind of resented it all.
    Anyway, I love your honesty, non-preachy, realistic attitude. It has helped me to go back to being more mindful.

  44. Faith says:

    hi i have just ordered about 14 complete pads ( comprised of about 3 pieces each) they are brand new never been used just wondered if you knew where i could donate them so they go to the best place.

  45. Lianne says:

    Hi Vanessa: I finished your book this morning, and wanted to let you know that on Saturday, reading it while I ate a sub (tuna…from Subway…who knows how bad that was for me?!)I laughed several times out loud and I’m not a Laugh-out-loud kinda gal! I’m a let’s-take-life-ever-more-seriously kinda person! I 411’d the Post, tried to leave you a voice mail by putting your name in….I’m no tech-y and it wouldn’t let me do what I tried to do, so I found you here.
    I must admit, all I really wanted to know was who did you hook up with (it’s sick, but my feminist in me really needed to know if the happily-ever-after happened in real life!). I’m glad you wrote the book; I appreciated the humour, your honesty and the green inspiration. Thanks! Lianne

  46. Lil' Green says:

    Hi Vanessa,
    I few months ago I wrote to you and in my message, mentioned my work advocating for a pesticide bylaw in Calgary. Recently Ontario went completely pesticide free and I’m wondering, from your perspective what the take on it has been. Has it been a success? Is there widespread unrest? Or is it too early to tell? City administration is favouring a weak bylaw and industry is confident regulations in Ontario and Quebec will eventually be reversed. Just wondering!

  47. t. says:

    hi vanessa, i’m reading your book right now (i should probably wait to finish it before i post here, but i’m avoiding work). i’ve been thinking about your non-t.p-bum-wiping-obsession recently, mainly b/c i wasn’t paying attention to my t.p situation and ran out the other night, and was forced to find alternative means. having travelled extensively in asia, i’m familiar with the hand wiping method (don’t know if you’ve ever managed to find the details, but it’s exactly that, you wipe your bum with your hand after pouring some water on it, which sounds gross, but it’s actually really effective, as you’re basically just washing yourself). the problem is that our sit down western toilets aren’t made for this, so i find it strange when western hippie types convert, because you just end up splashing fecal matter around, and have to find something to clean your bathroom with afterwards. whereas with asian toilets ( (note the water supply and cup for pouring water on your hand) allow for easier bum access, and the splashing usually stays within the confines of the porcelain. hope this answers your questions, if they hadn’t already been.
    also, just wanted to say that you put in an amazing effort, you seemed to start out as a ‘normal’ person, and then took some pretty extreme measures (such as unplugging your fridge, i find that most ppl in our society are obsessed with preservatives and expiry dates, and refrigeration. my bf won’t eat anything that’s been outside of his fridge for more then a few hours, including bread, it’s ridiculous, we’re working on it)

  48. Marie Prins says:

    Hello Vanessa

    I just finished your book & loved it for many reasons – certainly for the environmental content which has inspired me to go even further with my own attempts to live greener, but also as a memoir. You write very well, which is a must if I’m to finish a book. I love your sense of humour (having grown up in New Jersey, where humour makes life bearable) and also your honesty which is essential for a good memoir. I plan on ordering multiple copies of your book as Xmas gifts for my adult children who are also quite green and for friends who should be greener. (Is Wiley green?) Thanks for making shopping easier this year. And say “hi” to Gayle at the Post. Couldn’t help thinking of you two with the latest news re. CanWest. Wish you all the best as things get sorted out at the newspaper.

  49. Davina Primo says:

    Dear Vanessa,

    I’ve just read your book. Thank you for your ideas, very simple, with humour, some time to radical for me… I’m not a real ecologist, but since a while that i do some things that we can call “ecologist things” like: to recover the cold wather when i wait for the warm wather in the shower (then i use for the toilet or the plants, and my cats enjoy very much drink this water!), to wash clothes with no (or less) detergent (i use Okoball), try to buy less bottled wather, walk more or use the public transport, etc.
    I’m a art teacher in Portugal and try to put some economic/ecologic ideas in my pupils like reuse some materials, etc.
    Good luck with your green way. It’s a great example!



  50. Jon Evans says:

    VERY powerful stuff you are doing, young lady! I can’t think of more important work to be done, right now. I always say to people that instead of complaining and criticizing, be the way you would like everyone else to be. You are doing just that! I applaud you in the most emphatic way!!! You go girl!! Consider me a fan.

  51. Dani says:

    Hi Vanessa!
    At the Toronto Airport I found your book. I thought, it would be nice for the long flight back home to Germany. Reading your book I was glad to hear, that there are quite a lot of people in Canada, who care about the environment. Because I made the experience, that the most wastema lot of energy, water and packaging.
    Your book goes from friend to friend now, inspiring each of us to try out new things.

  52. Randy says:

    Dear Vanessa,

    Usually I can’t stand blog sites, but yours is excellent! Thank you for sharing the things you’ve been doing and for inspiring others to make their lives more green. If I may make one suggestion, it would be to please go totally meat and dairy free (if you haven’t done so already), because those industries contribute way too much to pollution (among other reasons). Organic isn’t good enough, sorry to say.

    Thanks again, from a neighbor just across the border in Buffalo, NY!

  53. stephen ottridge says:

    I’ve just given my newspaper carrier a years worth of the rubber bands that come wrapped around my daily and weekly newspapers so they can be reused by him. Saves him some money by his not having to buy them. It’s just as easy for me to put them in a bag in the kitchen drawer than to throw them out.

  54. Hi! I just finished your book. I have to say, the title really was what got me to pick it up to begin with. :) I enjoyed reading about all the ways you went green. I’m excited to hear you’re still doing many of them. Good for you. It’s about doing the most good and the least harm, even if you aren’t a vegan. (smile)
    All the best,

  55. Vanessa
    Lisa at H-M sent me a copy of your book. It kept me smiling and laughing all the way from the US to Buenos Aires last week. Who knows what the other passengers were thinking?!! Thanks.
    Great ideas and congrats!
    Simon (an ex-pat Brit living in the Western Carolina mountains and attempting to be a little greener!)

  56. Meghan Ryan says:

    I love your blog and your book! It gave me some great ideas and really encourage me to get active and reduce my carbon footprint! One way I started to reduce mine was to stop driving and ride my bike and skateboard more!

    heres a cool video from the Bike Ride to spread awareness about our carbon footprint that I attended on monday! Hope you enjoy it!

  57. Ann says:

    I would like to know where you can buy the eco friendly scrubby pads. I bought ine on a trip to Nova Scotia and would like to but more for gifts. I live in VA in the USA. Thanks

  58. Patt says:

    Hi Venessa I been trying to living green to keep are are space from making us Ill, is when you keeping books and other things that you read wonce or something else I take it back where someone can used and save are place where we live.

  59. Rob says:

    Green is keep are planet from dieing do you care what happens if we don’t go green for one weekend of each month will be a better place to have.

  60. Dani says:

    Hey Vanessa!
    Last week I’ve read a really interesting book “We feed the world” by Erwin Wagenhofer and Max Annas (there’s also a movie available). Or perhaps you’re also interested in the documentaion “The Future of Food” by Catherine Lynn Butler. Both deal with the effect of the food industry on the environment.
    Let me konow, what you think about both.

  61. Brian says:

    This whole climat summit in Copenhagen is a political joke that wastes taxpayers’ money for a 2 week free binge trip to Denmark to accomplish nothing. These conventions are total scams which are attented by the priviledge few and their leaches on a free trip staying in the best hotels and eating the best of foods, the best of booze and site seeing while while we the people pay for all this waste in the name of climat change. The carbon foot print may have been record high during this 2 week scam pretending to talk about climat change. What a shameful behaviour some are willing to participate in for a free all you can eat and booze trip.

  62. Shane Childress says:

    Hello, I am currently raising grass fed dairy cows. I have bulls and heifers. My animals have been bottle fed from 3-5days old. I gave only fresh cows milk twice a day. Then moved to a fescue red clover mix. My fields are chemicals free. I would like information on the butchering class. Thank you for your time.

  63. Paige Beaudoin says:

    Hi Vanessa!
    I just finished your book and it has made a profound impact on me. I have always cared about the environment but I can’t stand preachy people telling me I have to give up everything in order to make an impact. You show that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You book was very entertaining and I have officially become a fan of yours. I plan on telling everyone I know to read your book and if they don’t…then they will be getting it for their birthday along with a reusable water bottle : ).
    Thank you for the inspiration! I hope you write more books because you have a very unique voice.

  64. Hi Vanessa

    On the 22nd of December I had literally 2 minutes at Montreal airport to chose a book for my flight. I am so happy in that short time I found your book ‘Green as a Thistle’. I read it cover to cover on my flight to England and have been telling all my English friends and family about this ‘ Green Bridget Jones’ . It was so inspiring and funny and I can’t wait to start implementing some of the green changes you tried in my life when I return back to Montreal. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and in such an informative, honest and fun way!


  65. Hello Vanessa

    I’m a portuguese girl, vegetarian, architect and yoga teacher.
    I already do some eco things but after read your great book, last summer, I was so inspired that I decide to follow your example.
    I start it in the first day of november of 2009. My blog’s name (in portuguese…) is 365 things that I can do… to reduce my footprint:
    Now I’m in the begining of the 3th month and I’m very committed and excited with the changes that I’m doing in my life.
    Maybe I’ll translate my eco changes to send to you?!

    Thank you for being an inspiration!

    With my best eco regards.
    A wonderful year of 2010,
    Ema Magalhães

  66. Michael says:

    Like your blog. Your book (“Sleeping Naked…”) came through my line (I’m a copy-cataloger for a company that sells to schools and libraries) and I thought that it looked interesting. So I’m checking out your blog, and I find an entry that says you’re calling it quits! What th–?! And I was just starting to like ya…

  67. Hi Vanessa,

    I read the article on a warning system developed to protect manatees:

    I had thought about manatees for years – decades – aching for their pain of injury and death due to boat and propellor strikes. How sad it is to have a species for which researchers use the scar patterns from propellor strikes to identify individuals. I sent the article along to a number of people, and got one very interesting suggesting. IN ADDITION TO THIS ALARM, she suggesting a cage surrounding the propellor similar to the cage around a house fan. I thought this was an excellent idea, and would provide protection for humans as well. If you have any idea as to how to promote such an idea, please let me know – and promote it yourself if you get the chance.


  68. Morgan Trowland says:

    Wow your book was really inspiring. It was so great to hear someone kinda normal taking on all those challenges and helping to knock the cringe factor out of being “good to the environment”. It’s good to know that most of those green changes don’t really make life harder or less fun so I’m definitely going to try as many as I can. Good on you!

  69. Jerry says:

    Being a amateur-book-reviewer, I just got the Dutch translation of your book and read it over the weekend. I got the feeling that I will have difficulty to express how I feel about it, because doing so will make me seem like a green, treehugging hippy, who was foolish enough to fall in love with some girl the other sid of the planet, without actually knowing her (oh, and without actually wanting to leave his gf :D)

    But seriously, this is without a doubt one of the best green books I’ve read: a positive attitude, with the proper amount of critical thinking (or should I say cynisism), decorated with a bit of English humour… this book is great for all who want to go green (to see that it is indeed hard), but also great for all who just wanna make fun of “greens” (and who might actually pick something up).

    Loving it.

    PS: one suggestion about your blog – you might want to add a “search” field on it.

  70. Robin says:

    Hi Vanessa,
    Just finished your book and I wanted to say thank you for all the great ideas…especially the using less toilet paper. After being in Asia and getting used to a tap beside each toilet, I was sad to come back to Canada and have to use so much toilet paper again. The spray bottle is brilliant! Why did I never think of that before?!
    Thanks again…

  71. Rosemary says:

    Hi Vanessa,
    I just finished your book and I LOVED it! I have an green friendly pest control business Progressive Maintenance in Calgary Alberta. If you need any information on how to “green” up your pest control decisions we can help! Also… if you have any green pest control ideas we are always happy to find new and better ways to stay green. Please check out my blog at
    Have a great Pest Free Day!

  72. Mathieu Simard says:


    We are two students from Quebec that are preparing an important project of sensibilisation about E-Waste. We also want to inform consumers about better brands to buy according to Greenpeace guide to greener electronics.

    What we are preparing is stickers that could be used to put on laptop or anywhere else.

    The reason why we write to you is that we would like you to let us use the photo we found on your website located at this link

    Thank you very much!

    Mathieu and Julie.

  73. Hi Vanessa, sorry to hear your shuttering your blog. Just wanted to say I enjoy your posts and hope your visitor will check out our website if they are interested in solar power. Thanks, Kriss Bergethon

  74. Kim says:

    Hi, Vanessa. Thanks for coming to our local library today. I enjoyed your down-to-earth non-threatening talk about your journey of doing an eco action for 366 days. I look forward to reading the book!

  75. Sónia says:

    do you have, or think to have your boock to sale in version PDF on line???

    But in Portugues too please:)

  76. Ruth says:

    Hi Vanessa, 12 girlfriends and I are part of a book club in Vancouver–yes very westcoast. We are all working mom or thirty-somethings so creating a greener world for our kids is of paramount importance. We recently read your book as part of our book club. This is the first non-fiction work we’ve read in 2 years. Do you have 8-10 questions you think would be helpful for us to discuss during our book club meeting?. We will be meeting June 26 and would love to hear from you. Would appreciate a response. Thanks

  77. I found your advance reading copy of “SleepingNaked is Green” in a bin of books to be thrown out in a library in a tiny town in NC. I saved the book and you saved me! I am 72 and to old to get real green, but not to old to enjoy a GREAT read. “I could not put the book down, because I couldn’t wait to find out what was the next wonderful/crazy thing you were going to do.
    You must write a book about your engagement, your wedding and honeymoon. Please send me a copy. The book will make the TIMES list. If not I will buy 1,000,000 copies my self. I can afford it.
    I am so happy for you and Jacob. Marrying friends are the type of marriages that last, sex isn’t bad either at age 70.
    Thanks for coming into my life. Dave

  78. Eco Tam says:

    I love your green blog. I’m going to find your book and read it…love the title!

    Please check out and support our One Million Trees Project. At EcoBold we do weekly video reviews on green products and manufacturers and for every supporter/subscriber we send weekly 25% off coupons to green products. In addition every supporter/subscriber is one step closer to helping us plant one million trees!

    Take Action! Buy Green!

  79. Misty Sanford says:

    Aloha Vanessa,

    I was LOST in our local library one day, just looking at the all of the “green” books on the shelves. My eyes were following all of the different titles quickly — then I swore to myself that I saw the word “naked” — I looked back, and I did! I saw the title, “sleeping naked is green”. I picked it up, put it in my bag and headed over to check-out. I got home and decided to peek into what I found to be the FIRST book in my whole 40 years of life, that I couldn’t put down until it was finished. BRILLANT writing. You had me from start to finish! Sometimes, I laughed so hard that I cried! (that could be a part of the perimenopause too :( )
    Anyway, you have inspired me to start my own blog!!
    I have told ALL of my 450 facebook friends about your book and how it has SPARKED something deep inside of me. …for which I am very thankful!!

    If you are ever at all in Orlando, FL on vacation, swimming with the dolphins – you should stop by our downtown library (which was voted Library of the Year)
    and promote your book :)

    **My favorite green change is…June 4, Day 96

    …………..SLEEP NAKED……………

    Thank you for writing this book

  80. Rosie says:


  81. I love how you use the word naked in the title of your book. It’s a real eye opener and you can address a lot of things in a naked way to become more green.

    I am looking for a title for my upcoming documentary we will be shooting in 2011 about sustainable living and eco-friendly ways of living involving children.
    Any ideas?

  82. Martina Sirm says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    Just doing some research and stumbled on your website and filled out the form for your book. I would love to do a review. I recently started my blog a few months ago in Feb or March. My blog is about a variety of topics including but not ltd to: body image, environmental, social and political issues, health and some extra fun stuff. I have over 700 people that have visited my blog so far and am working on how to get out to more and more people.
    I enjoy writing and my mission is to get out as much information to support and help ourselves and our planet as possible. Need to work on refining my mission statement but in a nutshell I believe social media is the way we are going to do this. Look forward to hearing from you! Martina

  83. Deb Seymour says:

    Hi Vanessa:

    I am very much enjoying your book “Sleeping Naked Is Green” ans want to do a blog entry on it in my eco blog “Deb Goes Green: One Woman’s Attempt At CO2 Sobriety In An Oil-Addicted World”(

    I wanted to know if you’d be interested in including *me* in your blogroll links. I,for sure, am going to link to your site in mine, as well as an entry about your book.

    My blog atarted as a challange from a classmate at Antioch College, Seattle to start *doing* more, and *talking* less about ecological changes, and *then* blog about my efforts. At the time, I was long on passion, but short on action.

    The model I am following, though, is not 365 changes in one year, but an attempt get to Zero-Admissions in ten years. This is based on an article in YES! Magazine, called “Keeping Up With The Jones: How One Family Goes Carbon-Neutral in Ten Years” (

    Laslty, I love your book: like me, you are trying to walk the talk, a sharing your successes and failures.

    Please enjoy “Deb Goes Green” (
    Now, I’m off to start reading the October section of yourbook and compare and contrast lists!

    Feel free to contact me at anytime, or better yet- leave a comment on the blog! :-)

    Deb Seymour, Seattle, WA :-)

  84. Hannah says:

    Hi Vanessa! i recently read your book and absolutely fell in love! it made me laugh and was really inspiring! it also gave me a lot of great ideas for greening my own life! I am 18 years old and currently applying to university and trying to get my volunteer hours for highschool. i was really hoping you might have some resources or ideas for green volunteering. Its really important to me i spend my time do something i believe in, and helping the environment is definitely important to me! any ideas of green volunteering would be greatly appreciated.



  85. bethan williams says:

    hi there,
    i live in the uk, so how do i go about getting your book?

    kind regards,
    bethan x

  86. Yav says:

    Sadly,I was forced to read this book in college. I know what a surprise reading in college. You were a great writer, but I was just confused on if going green means you have to rationalize everything you do. Dealing with smug people who are either, A) greener then me, or B) hate green people would probably throw my resolution down the toilet.

  87. Kathi says:

    Any chance your book will become available as an audio book? I no longer purchase books on paper.

  88. Christine says:

    i just finished your book and I really admire your perseverance! I am a ex-junior ranger, tree hugging, green team teacher/ mother. i always try to do my bit for the environment (both my babies wore cloth diapers and i just completed a waste audit of my school’s daily garbage by dumping it out bag-by-bag and sorting and weighing each component) but often have thoughts that you talked about in your book about being a hypocrite or just doing what i can do with the resources i have. it’s hard being married to someone who isn’t as eco- enthused as i am or working in a school where some of the staff are super supportive and others just say they don’t have to time. overall, i think every little bit is worth it and you have inspired me to make a few more changes in my life that are super easy and yet perfectly eco- friendly. thanks for the inspiration and i am so happy to see that you married your best friend.

  89. kera says:

    Just finished your fabulous book, which i got out at our local library (sorry, no royalties from me). Thank you for being so honest, candid and fearless in your adventure! I had a little cry near the end, so happy for you and Jacob… and touched by your acknowledgment of family & friends who picked up your gauntlet and joined the fray!

    I was bolstered by acknowledging myself that although i don’t yet feel super green, i’ve been doing a lot of your list for a lot of my adult life already – so that was a nice discovery. I have a long way to go, and your book helped me understand that even just being more CONSCIOUS about it all is a step in the right direction. And that i don’t have to change mySELF so much as my habits & choices (which of course will inevitably change me a bit over time) to make a positive difference to the planet.

    many thanks. all the best. peace to you and Jacob.

  90. designerdmarx says:

    I checked out your book two weeks ago from the library. The first few days I was a bit hesitant to give this book a chance. However, the more I read the book the more I wanted to read. These last few days I have been trying to find every spare moment to read up on your transformation as a green girl. Now I am sad it is over. I teach graphic design at Loyola University New Orleans and I plan to have my students research and write “How Your House Works” and “How to Make a Fire” and then design it in a user friendly format. This class will not happen until next year but I will make a note to send you their online “green” designs. (Thanks for these ideas and the many more that I plan to do in my daily routines.) Thanks so much for persevering through the Going-Green-One-Day-At-A-Time and showing all of us that small changes do make a difference.

  91. GreenColleen says:

    Discovered your book very recently @ a small, local, independent bookstore in Bend, Oregon & just finished reading your compendium of green ideas within 2 weeks (March 2011). With a sustainable focus in our marriage & family for years (we have two young children), I am still learning & continually inspired to implement “green growth” into our lives. Thanks for sharing your story & ideas!

  92. Tanja Gorodiski says:

    Hi Vanessa,
    I am from Germany, born in Berlin, and for 13 years now living in a nice village near a very polular beach of the baltic sea. Last week I bought your book, not only because of the interesting content but for the really good design, very eco…with a green sheep on grey-brown recycling paper….. I read quite a lot and like to thank you for having so much fun with your book. I started in September to be a vegetarian and I am blogging about it every month. It is way much easier than being an eco, even with a family who likes to eat animals. But it changes other things (and persons I hope), too.
    It is not easy to be more eco when you live with children far away from school, shops, doctors and hospital (especially for me because one of may sons has a heart disease) and there are not very many eco shops but I found some and now I have to decide if it is good to buy there when the way is very long…
    Anyway, I liked your book and will give it to some politicians I work with to start a change.
    All my best wishes for you (and Jacob)!
    Best regards Tanja

  93. petra says:

    I’m trying to live as green as possible for some years and I was very inspired by your book. I live in Germany and many friends of mine have read it, too. So my suggestion is: Use your mobile only if it’s necessary! Try to avoid checking the time every minute, in order to save power
    I hope I could help, petra

  94. Agnes says:

    Hi Vanessa!

    I’m Your big fan since I read Your great book -> sleeping naked is green. You’re amazing woman and I’ll be read regular Your blog now. I just want you to know that you have fans in Poland too :)
    Ps. Congratulation of Your marriage with Jacob! :D

  95. Tabea says:

    just incredible!
    You are going very well around with negative criticism. Most ironically, what to like very much! You let it get you not and this is very important if you will represent a large and serious topic in all the public will, where disagreements are inevitable!

    your blog: amazing!
    your book: I’m speechless!

    you have a loyal new fan (and true eco – freak) on your site!

    best wishes from germany Tabea :-)

  96. Mirnie Vanhanen says:

    I live in Finland, fellow Canuck. I cannot seem to be able to find your book here. I usually buy books in English from, but even that is failing me at finding your book at the moment. Is there a way I can pick it up somewhere in Europe? I have received many references on it, and I am so anxious to read it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  97. Maria Silva says:

    I’ve bought your book in Portugal recently and read it in 1 day, which obviously means it’s very good! I’m making some green changes in my life, slowly, but i have to question you regarding the idea of only consuming products from the region close to us. I think we need to find a balance, because if you close yourself to others products, in particular, poor countries or developing countries it will be harder for them to subsist. And fair trade unfortunatly doesn’t solve it by itself. What do wyou think about it? (by the way, thanks for sharing your experience!)

  98. Alexandra says:

    Now in this moments I read your book -I come from Germany- and I must say: It’s so funny to read every word! I began to look about Mooncup (you now? ;-)) and Cocoina and… so many idea! Thank you!
    I have an idea too: I take the coffe grounds and make a peeling. I hope, you understand my very bad english…

  99. Els den os says:

    Hallo Vanessa,

    I read your book in Dutch, borrowed from the library.
    And I got enthousiastic about small green steps.
    In my webshop Hond in de Kast (dog in the bookcase) I sell second hand poetrybooks. Not a big deal, but a green step anyway.
    I’d like to follow your blog; how can I be a follower?

    Best wishes, Els den Os, Witteveen, The Netherlands

  100. Hi Vanessa –

    I found your blog a while ago through Courtney at the Green Geek. I love that you’ve reached so many people! You’ve done so much good, just by getting folks to think about things and maybe make one little change.

    I just commented on your ‘what’s the point of an eco-wedding’ entry and I was moved to contact you directly. I hope it’s ok.

    A few years ago, I started a green business creating eco-friendly wedding dresses out of sustainable materials because I don’t think that one should ever sacrifice morals for style. I use mostly hemp/silk satin blends for my fabrics because they seemed to be the most ‘bridal’ with the least amount of planet damage. Hemp needs no pesticides or herbicides. I even found organic cotton thread. And lately I’ve started offering designs made from vintage and reclaimed fabrics – no extra carbon footprint!

    I’m really glad to be doing some good in such a wasteful, cruelty-filled industry. We all need to live more kindly on this world. Being as kind and green as possible means a lot to me in this business and I want to prove that it can be done, in fact fabulously. Not only fabulously, but with a minimum of the bride’s effort. Because she has enough to do.

    You know all about this subject; heck you literally wrote the book! And you’ve recently been a Green Bride! It would be really helpful to hear what you’d think about the site, or how I could make the experience better for our clients. With your background, you are exactly the type of person I’d want to be making wedding dresses for. Pretend you’re a bride again, looking for a dress and have at it. I promise I won’t take negative comments personally; in fact negative comments are the most helpful. Add to this the fact that you clearly have a clue about writing and I think you’d have a helluvalot more insight than most people.

    The website is

    I realize that you are probably the busiest person on the planet, but I’d really *really* appreciate hearing what you thought.

    Thank you thank you thank you

  101. Mary says:

    So…. you asked for vitriol… I may have some more after I read your book or your blog or this website or your facebook page, but that’s not likely to happen any time soon; right now I’m reading about the book in an old New Yorker article about publishing stunt seekers who use the current zeitgeist to ease their ride into fame and notoriety, motorized or otherwise (at least Thoreau was thought of as crazy in his time; you’re just riding a well-worn wave). I would be more interested in actually looking it up if it weren’t for two major clues about your bg: one is, you write for the NP – evil stuff already – are you sure you’re not a spy? And two, you really don’t know your champagnes, do you? And what do they pay you at the NP if your month’s savings only buys a bottle of cheap champagne?

  102. Elisabeth says:

    Hello from Austria/Europe,
    By the way your book was also translated into German and the German title is “Nackt schlafen ist bio”. I bought it in a book store in Austria. I love it. I have some ideas which I will email later.

  103. Erika King says:

    Your book is the 2nd book I have read in 2 years ( I read books but they are usually Ayurvedic or Yoga books-I am a practitioner of both). Anyways, I loved it!!!! I want to have a book club as this being my first book. It is funny, easy to read and informative. I manage a natural food store (yes, in addition to my other “hoilistic jobs, and a mother of 4) and it is so true that once you start making changes, you notice everything, and after reading your book, I notice more. For instance, on my way to the computer, noticed the recent 3# jar of local honey and excited that I can reuse the masonry jar.I guess like any jar I could reuse, but it matches all my others that I actuallly bought. Congratulations on everything! You are a wonderfully entertaining writer.

  104. Hannah says:

    I’ve red your book ‘sleeping naked is green’ in german ['nackt schlafen ist bio'] and I really loved it. There are so many things you can do to safe the environment I’ve never thought of!
    You changed your life on the best way you could do- slowly.
    If somebody try it from one day to the next it won’t work…
    Summary: I like the idea and I admire you that you really did it.

  105. Brittany Ham says:

    Hey Ms. Vanessa,
    Right now I am almost done reading your book, Sleeping Naked is Green. I have never been the type of person to just pick up a book and read it for fun or any matter for that fact. However, I randomly decided to take a trip to the library and stumbled upon your book. I must say, I never want to put it down! I have always wanted to be more enviormentally sound but have never really had the initiative to do something about it. Your book has shined a light on my future enviormentally conscious lifestyle. I can’t thank you enough for making a book that is extremely informative and also is very entertaining. I admit to have having laughed at a few comical remarks.
    I would really like to ask you a few questions not only just about your green challenge itself, but some other aspects of it such as getting involved in your community and you bike ride tours.
    I’m hoping I can start making an impact as much as you have. Your book is seriously going to stay my favorite books for a long time. Even though I checked it out at the library I am most definitly buying a copy to have on hand and possibly take your challenge on myself! We will just have to see about that :) I look forward to being updated about your future endeavors. You absolutley have a intent loyal fan in me!
    Thank you so much,

  106. bry says:

    Hey Vanessa! Yes people are still reading your book, and I’m one of them. It’s great, you’re doing way more than I think I could do, but I did make some fairly large life changes in 2010 that make me more eco-friendly. So props to you, and I see you’re moving on to married life and the blog has taken a break. I hope you get back to blogging about your next venture someday.
    All the best. (from Ottawa)

  107. Lina says:

    Hi Vanessa! I just finish reading your book and just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVED IT! Thanks for sharing your experiences, that was a great challenge you took!
    All the best, have a great new year!

  108. Herb Ankrom says:

    Hi Vanessa! I am a producer for Bravo Television network, and wanted to get in touch with you. Where are you located? I am in NY. I can be emailed directly to or on my office number at 212-450-1629

    To see that I am legit – here are my credits as listed on IMDB.COM –

    Please let me know if we could speak. Thanks.

    Herb Ankrom

  109. Herb Ankrom says:

    Didn’t realize this would post automatically – please remove my posting if possible…Thanks!

  110. Conny says:

    Thank you so much for writing this book! I had to laugh a lot while reading your book because I thought you were talking about me! For about a year now I am trying to change my life for the better, I am doing a lot of small changes (most of them not as glaring as yours) and I am volunteering in a ecological group… But it’s not easy if there’s a husband and a almost 5 years old. So often I am pretty pissed and feel like it won’t make any difference if I do something because millions of people don’t do that and that I am making my life harder than it has to be. But your book really was encouraging! Thank you again and cheers from Austria!

  111. Kalina says:

    Hi, I’m reading your book and I like it very much :) But one thing is bodering me I live in Bulgaria, here we have a lot of Bio storages, but all the goods inside are impored, and I’m wondering which is more EKO to buy impored Bio products, or to buy Bulgarian NOT Eko products?

  112. I read your book 2 summers ago, and still think about it. I really loved the idea behind it and it has inspired me to make better choices myself. I love looking through your blog. Hope you post once in awhile still.

  113. Lisa says:

    Hi Vanessa,
    I just discovered your book (in German) and had quite a few very good laughs!
    What an enjoyable story! And written in such an enjoyable way!
    (and luckily most of the translation is very good)
    Thank you!!!
    Many of your steps I have gone through, too.
    Great that you made such a fantastic project of it!

    Only one thing – you said at one point that one woman’s advice to grind your own flour sounded ridiculous – well, around here (in middle Europe) you will find quite a few of us who do that; and believe me, it has added tremendous sensual value and fun to my kitchen since I started doing so!
    Plus, despite what many cooks say, I am able to use my self ground flour for just about anything, including quite delicate cakes, and I do use only organic spelt which is supposed to be much better than wheat.

    So – in case you ever consider trying it – enjoy!
    Which I wish you anyway!
    Greetings from Vienna!

  114. Lisa says:

    Wonderful trailer, wonderful project, thank you so much!

  115. Krista Davis says:

    I love your blog. It is a wonderful concept and many of your articles would fit in perfect with my blog, I was wondering if you would mind it I linked or mentioned your moisturizer recipe in one of my future posts? Keep up the great work. I have subscribed and will be waiting to read more.

  116. Eva says:

    Hi Vanessa,
    I’m just halfway through your book (just discovered it in Austria a few days ago) and I love it! Just wanted to tell you – keep your green work up and thanks for inspiring me to lead a more green and sustainable life! :-)

  117. Veronica says:

    My name is Veronica, and I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I just finished your book after buying it on a whim at chapters.

    In your book it says you are horrible at receiving compliments, but I assume it has gotten easier because I cannot fathom people who would criticize you for making such an unpredictable journey. I would like to say thank you for writing you book, it was a welcome breath of fresh air -haha that sounds green.

    I just recently graduated high school and have had a passion for greening the planet and your frustrations match a lot of my own. I was on the environmental committee for three years and tried to make changes within my school. (Failing only because my principal and leading teacher didn’t believe students would be able to put a banana peel or orange rinds in the compost). I honestly do not believe I could make a lot of the changes as you did in your challenges, and that you have in your life seeing as I live at home, but it was truly inspiring to read them. Every time I buy something I will refuse a bag, I mostly so this but sometimes I don’t bring my own bag and opt for the type that will end up in a landfill.

    Your book was reassuring to me, as well as a little guilt inducing because I do try to practice Eco-friendly habits, but also have a tendency to throw away recyclables if there is no recycling bin around at the time.

    Anyway, I suppose I will wrap this up with saying I loved your book and I hope to make some small changes in my life from now on because everything adds up!

  118. Larry Harmon says:

    I am loving your book. I confess, as I male, I picked up your book because it said “sleeping naked” and has sexy bare legs and feet on the cover, but I started reading had to get it.

    I love your funny, smart writting style, but I really love the whole concept of your book (I’ll have to check out this blog.)
    There are lots of people, like me, that want to make a difference, and I can so relate to your though process, as you try to do this on a regular basis. Wow, though, taking it to the level of selling the car, unpluging the fridge, and even cutting your hair, really takes determination. (I’m only on page 93, but I only just borrowed the book from the library.) I believe in libraries, mass transportation, and recycling… I’ve been doing some of this stuff for a long time, but I could go a lot further.

    Anyway, I enjoy your style and the book is challenging me to “step it up”.



  119. Christina says:

    Greetings from Germany!

    Thanks for your lovely book!
    I work in a organic food store in Berlin and I think I´m a “organic girl” but in your book I found a lot of nice new inspirations.

    Thanks a lot!

    Best wishes to you and your husband!

  120. Maggie says:

    Dear Vanessa,
    I am a senior in high school in North Carolina and I have just completed Sleeping Naked Is Green, and I’m still smiling– you ended up with Jacob! I plan on studying Environmental Science beginning this Fall, and you can add me to your list of inspired readers. I love your voice and the way I wanted you to say so much more. Cheers!
    Maggie Phipps

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  127. Emilie says:

    Hi Vanessa!

    Your book was recommended to me by a friend and I’ve got to say that I’m absolutely loving it. I’m a social studies pre-service teacher and I can’t wait to challenge my future students to go green! Keep being super fantastic.


  128. Just started reading your book. Found it on I am half way done. Love your humor! I have been challenging myself for years to get greener. You inspired me to go a little bit further. Thanks!
    Paula in Southern California

  129. Max Williams says:

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  130. maureen says:

    So glad I found your book (used) and am reading August, but peeked at Sept. and was delighted to see Sept 7 tip, one I decided to
    try awhile back. My grandchildren are about your age and on board, but I will share it with them if they have not seen your book. mec

  131. Hi!
    I found you first through “Blogging for Dummies” which uses your blog as an example of a good domain name. I am an Environmental Studies major at a Floridian private school and am 1) trying to set up a blog and learn the ins and outs of the “blogosphere” and 2) very interested in sustainability, your blog, and am now dying to get my hands on a copy of your book.
    I wish you had more recent blog posts as you could be my blogging idol!

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