All My Debt And My Plan To Demolish It


I’ll throw a quick number at you $32,786.5. Seems like a lot of cash because it it a lot of cash. It’s the amount of cash I owe to institutions. It’s a really big number for someone who has just turned 21. Let me give you a run down of everything that has happened since 2012, when I was 17, to give you a better picture.

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My Wedding Budget


My fiancé and I got together on February 1st, 2013. We both moved to Pittsburgh for college in October 2012. We had all our first quarter classes together, and he was glued to me. At first, he was the most annoying thing ever, and it’s funny how glue works.

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The Money Section of This Blog

If you check out my about page, you will see that this blog surrounds a number of topics. Lately, I have been focused on the minimalism part because I want to live my life simply. Becoming a minimalist and getting rid of my stuff that I don’t cherish has been at the forefront of my life because it is what I need most. I needed to declutter because it has been stressing me out. I need to live more simply because it has positive effects on my life. I have been less depressed, less angry and more content knowing I have more free time to myself.

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