My computer goes to sleep, and so do I (Day 366)…

I love when readers give me ideas — not only does it mean less work for Yours Truly, it shows that others care just as much about as I do about finding new ways to be green. In this case, it was a comment on my haiku post left by Molly, who forwarded this link to a story in the Guardian about how sleeping is good for the environment. Sounded right up my alley.

It assumes a lot, is highly conceptual and more than a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it still makes some valid points and I thought it would be appropriate to use for my last green change. I considered going out with a bang — maybe spending 24 hours not showering, eating, drinking, using anything, doing anything, buying anything and maybe even breathing slower — but then I reconsidered. This whole project began with a small step, and so I think it’s fitting to end with a small step, too.

Goodnight, everyone!

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14 Responses to My computer goes to sleep, and so do I (Day 366)…

  1. LG Adam says:

    Hey Vanessa – congratulations of reaching 366 days – well done! Whats’s been your favourite change? How many are you going to stick to? What are you going to do now? So many questions, but you’re probably too tired to answer at the moment – maybe in a couple of weeks! Congrats once again.


  2. Bill says:

    way to go out with a whimper….

  3. Hellcat13 says:

    This last one is awesome! I spent the entire day sleeping yesterday following a very late night after a trip to the emergency room with a friend (concussion, but she’s ok). So by sleeping, I saved electricity: I slept through my morning smoothie and coffee breakfast, I didn’t turn on my computer all day, and I kept the heat down at our not-at-home temperature, when I would normally turn it up while working at home.

    Who knew I was being so green?

  4. Congratulations Vanessa. Well done. Thanks for the shutout. I think your conclusion makes a lot of sense and is exactly right. Good luck on the next venture. I will miss your auto emails. It was comforting having one show up every day for a year, Keep me on your mailing list.

  5. mary calder says:

    Great last article Vanessa. Always love your sense of humour. Can’t wait for the book. Mary

  6. Marie says:

    I love your dedication, I think your are a good example to everyone who want to follow what they believe in, you prove that if you set your mind into something, you sure can do it. So I congratulate you and once again your really are a good example to everyone in helping save our world. Just been curious, would you like to do it all over again? If you think you will I think maybe you should create a group so they can also try it.

  7. Hoerr says:

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  8. Groll says:

    Do you really think so? Maybe you are right but I have my doubts.

  9. Jauron says:

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  10. This last one is awesome! I spent the entire day sleeping yesterday following a very late night after a trip to the emergency room with a friend (concussion, but she’s ok). So by sleeping, I saved electricity: I slept through my morning smoothie and coffee breakfast, I didn’t turn on my computer all day, and I kept the heat down at our not-at-home temperature, when I would normally turn it up while working at home.

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